Why give online?

Online giving makes giving easier for you.  You’ll no longer have to worry about writing a weekly check, finding your Church envelope, and remembering to bring it to Sunday Mass.  Our online giving service provides you with your giving history, making it easier and more efficient during tax season. It also provides bank-level security, with a secure and protected checkout process.

Online giving makes our parish’s weekly collections more consistent.  There are times when we are away from St. Bernard. By enrolling in online giving, you make an offering even when you’re away.

Can I still use envelopes?

Many of us enjoy placing our actual envelope in the basket. If you choose to give online, feel free to continue using envelopes. Merely write “online giving” on the outside. This way, you and your family are reminded on Sunday of the gifts you’ve made online.


E-mail Diane or call (337) 332-2159

How to Give

Ways to Donate

You can donate to any one or multiple causes with MoonClerk’s easy to use forms. Click the cause of choice, and fill out the form. You can make your donation one-time or recurring. St. Bernard thanks you for your generosity. Your donation helps us better serve you and our community.

Cemetery Dues